August 10, 2022

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دراسة جديدة تكشف عن وجود "بلاستيك ملوث" فى المناطق القطبية لأول مرة

A new study reveals for the first time the presence of “contaminated plastic” in polar regions

A new study has revealed that for the first time in the polar regions nanoplastics are “nanoscale contaminated plastic pieces”, which now indicates the scattering of tiny particles around the world.

Dusan Matrich of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, who led the new study, said: ‘We have found nanoplastics in the far corners of the earth, in the Antarctic and the Arctic. The matter “- according to a British report in the newspaper” The Guardian “today (Friday).

Nanoparticles are smaller and more toxic than “slightly larger” plastic particles already found worldwide.

Analysis of Greenland ice shows that nano-plastic pollution has been polluting the interior for at least 50 years, and researchers were surprised to find that a quarter of the particles came from car tires.

The nanoparticles are very light and are believed to have been carried by air from cities in North America and Asia to Greenland, and the nanoplastics found in the sea ice at McMurdo Sound in Antarctica may have been carried to distant continents by ocean currents.

Scientists say plastic is part of a mixture of chemical pollutants that have spread to Earth, which has exceeded safe limits for mankind, and plastic pollution has been detected and known from the summit of Mount Everest to the depths of the ocean. People inadvertently eat and inhale plastic particles, and another recent study found that particles cause damage to human cells.

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