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A new update on WhatsApp affects privacy


WhatsApp (Archive)

Sunday, March 19, 2023 / 14:28

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update via Google Play where some beta testers will get the ability to see the list of groups shared between them and the contact they are looking for, starting with version

In December 2022, WhatsApp released a new feature for desktop users that allows them to quickly search their recent groups by entering a contact name. This feature is very useful in situations where many users do not remember the name of a group, but they can remember a participant in that group.

After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for Android from Google Play Store, some beta testers may get the same feature while searching for a contact.

A new section is available when users search for contacts in the search bar: a section called Shared Groups. This new feature provides users with additional information when searching for contacts in the search bar. Specifically, this new feature is the same feature used on WhatsApp Desktop, which allows users to view shared groups between themselves and their contacts without opening their chat information to see a list of shared groups.

The feature is also rolling out to some iOS beta testers, but they need to install the latest WhatsApp beta iOS available on TestFlight to see the Shared Groups section in their search results.

The feature, which allows users to view a list of shared groups while searching for contacts, is available to some beta testers after installing the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android on the Play Store, and will roll out to more people in the near future. to the website. WhatsApp Beta Info.

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