June 6, 2023

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Millions of people have been waiting for a long time.. WhatsApp reveals a new feature that turns your phone into an iPhone!

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The WhatsApp app seems to be rolling out some new and unique features and services that aim to improve the user experience of one of the world’s most popular instant messaging apps, especially after some Android phone owners complained about their inability. Switch between the services offered by WhatsApp in an easy and smooth way, wasting little time and effort.

WhatsApp unveils a new feature

The developer team of Mita, which owns the WhatsApp app, has confirmed that it has seen a new feature experience that will change the look and feel of WhatsApp on Android phones in the current era. Commonly used on iPhone phones and Apple devices.

Some tech reports indicate that WhatsApp will add a so-called “navigation bar” at the bottom of the main app interface to ease the process of moving from one service to another within the popular app without any hassle or fatigue.

According to reports, the new feature will be very similar to the look of WhatsApp on Android phones in the current era, especially after some noticed that using WhatsApp on iPhone is easier than using it on powered devices. Platform other than iOS.

It is worth noting that the upcoming period may witness the introduction of WhatsApp for a set of new features that everyone has been waiting for officially and experimentally for a long time. Within 15 minutes from the time of sending, this is in addition to the possibility of closing private messages and chats using a password or fingerprint, which increases privacy and security in the application and makes it difficult for anyone else to access them. news.

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