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A new war between Russia and the United States outside the Earth!


A different kind of conflict erupted between Russia and the United States, in the context of the war in Ukraine, outside the planet, which showed the importance of developing a quick response to face and repel Russian attacks immediately. US Department of Defense, “Pentagon.”
And last March, Russia made a major attempt to jam the satellite of Starling, a broadband service that connects Ukraine to the Internet.

And American billionaire Elon Musk, founder of the space company “SpaceX”, launches Internet service “Star Link” satellites, after a senior official asked for help, sent thousands of foods to Ukraine to receive this service.

Elon Musk’s moon appears to have been attempted by Russia, but, as the Pentagon claims, the latter showed amazing ability to repel the attack.

Dave Trimmer, director of electronic warfare in the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s office, said: “The next day (after reports of Russian attempts to block the satellite) the data encoding tax code on the Starling satellite was suspended and corrected. .

The U.S. official added, “Suddenly it (the Russian offensive) was no longer effective. From an electronic war point of view, it’s very good. How did they (Elon Musk) do it?”

Trimmer’s comments came during a conference at the Pentagon, where US defense experts stressed the need for the United States to further develop and accelerate the response to electromagnetic attacks.

They added that the US government could learn a lot from the private sector dealing with Russian attacks.
Trimmer said his government had a timetable for making the necessary amendments, knowing that it was currently immersed in an analysis of what had happened, and would decide how to fix the shortcomings created by the Russian attack and award the contract to the private sector. Department in this framework.

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“Our electromagnetic environment can change and we need to keep the pace very dynamic with change,” he added.

He stressed the importance of the United States operating another system, so if an electromagnetic attack succeeds in attacking the first Internet system, an alternative will be ready.

Brigadier General Todd Clark, director of the US Air Force’s Electromagnetic Spectrum Advanced Service, said modern warfare would greatly enhance electromagnetic warfare and shape the battlefield when conflicts began.
Clark said the United States needs to think more creatively when developing new electronic warfare equipment.

He added that it was not enough to just buy upgraded versions of older systems, as the United States would have to find newer systems that would allow for greater flexibility and speed.

He explained that the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into next-generation systems would enable them to respond more quickly to electromagnetic attacks.

Noting that the Compass Call project is being developed by the Air Force, he said it was a great example of how digital engineering can tackle new electromagnetic warfare capabilities.

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