February 4, 2023

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He ran away and turned off the phone .. A woman is giving 100 thousand dirhams to a young man

He ran away and turned off the phone .. A woman is giving 100 thousand dirhams to a young man

The Abu Dhabi Family and Civil and Administrative Claims Abu Dhabi Court has ordered a young man to pay 100,000 dirhams he took as an investment from a woman, skipped it and hung up his phone, paying 5,000 dirhams as compensation to the bereaved. The income and the loss she suffered without benefiting from that amount.
In the details, a young woman sued a young man, at the end of which he demanded 100,000 dirhams and 50,000 dirhams in compensation, and stated that he had given her a loan. If the defendant owes 100,000 dirhams, repaying that amount in installments, with a monthly profit, she took the trust receipt for it, but he did not promise to repay that amount according to the contract, and I attached a document to her. Claim, a copy of a trust receipt with his signature.

During the hearing of the case, the plaintiff appeared and inquired into the cause of the trust, which decided to hand over 100,000 dirhams in cash to the defendant, who would repay it in monthly installments for a period of time. 60 months, that is, on the 6th of 2018, after which he disappeared and closed all his mobile phones, while the defendant did not attend despite his notice, while the court decided to run the complementary pledge plaintiff, so I told him “I swear by Almighty God I do, I ask the defendant 100,000 dirhams, I handed him over for his investment, he returns to me the monthly profit of 1,700 dirhams.

Under the Civil Transactions Act, the court clarified in the merits of its judgment that the lender must prove his entitlement and the debtor may deny it, noting that this is a precedent in the trust document presented in the case. The evidence, however, was not sufficient to establish its credibility because it did not explain the reason for the transaction between the two parties, and the court decided to issue a supplementary affidavit to the plaintiff as stated. The defendant failed to appear in court in defiance of his legal notice and this was any defense to reveal his defense or dismiss the case.

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The court pointed out that in the case seeking compensation of 50 thousand dirhams, it was proved that the defendant had failed to fulfill his obligation to repay the value of the debt. She earned and lost from the aforesaid amount, and she regrets not fulfilling his right, and assumes that the court will reimburse 5,000 dirhams for all damages, and the court compelled the defendant to pay. He is liable to pay the plaintiff 100,000 dirhams and 5,000 dirhams for all damages, as well as fees and expenses.

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