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A picture of artist Nancy Ajram without make-up shocked everyone.. and viewers: “This is the effect of the first person who imagines waking up from sleep.”


Makeup has become an essential part of a star’s appearance in front of the cameras, and it’s hard for any artist chasing the limelight to give it up.

Art accounts keen on celebrity news on social media re-circulated stunning pictures of Lebanese star Nancy Ajram, in which she appeared without make-up and with dynamic features.

Below is the rest of the news.. and from our news:

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For these reasons, I avoid washing jeans unless necessary

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According to their comments about the pictures, viewers noted that Nancy’s face is not as fresh and lively as before.

Pioneers of social networking sites commented on the photo: “. You have changed a lot.. We all die in you.. It looks completely different.. You always woke up and imagined.

Notably, Nancy Ajram’s latest work is a new duet with rapper Marwan Pablo called “Jeeva Nalam” on YouTube and various music platforms.

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