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A recommendation to link “mental health” with hospitals to avoid “stigma”…


An article of demands on the conditions of persons with “psychological” disabilities and the level of services they receive in Ajlon, Mafraq and Tafila governorates suggested the need to establish a neutral body to receive complaints related to them. suicide prevention, as well as linking the National Psychiatric Center to government hospitals in the kingdom, to alleviate what the paper described as the “stigma” they may experience when receiving services.Add an ad

The article opines that the national team on mental health is dysfunctional and lacks coordination in addressing mental health challenges, where reducing social stigma and improving the psychological well-being of individuals is paramount.
The findings indicate that the vast majority of people with mental disabilities, their families and human rights activists are targeted in the paper, which the National Center on Mental Health considers one of the “biggest displays of stigma for people with mental disabilities.” Failure to integrate other medical specialties with psychiatry.
This paper, for which Al-Qad received an abstract, was prepared by the association “Our Step for People with Mental Disabilities and their Families” in the project “Promoting the Rights of Vulnerable Groups with Mental Disabilities and Raising Awareness of Their Rights.” With the support of the European Union and the supervision of the “Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development”, its most important results were discussed yesterday in a meeting with the relevant parties. Today, the project completion ceremony is taking place.
Recommendations focused on the need to train non-professionals to work in the mental health sector to reduce the acute shortage of personnel in the mental health sector and capacity building of multidisciplinary teams in mental health interventions and tertiary care facilities An independent and impartial national body to monitor complaints and violations against persons with disabilities.
The paper suggested the need to combat the so-called “stigma” and increase mental health culture in Jordan in innovative and unfamiliar ways, initiatives and activities, in addition to implementing a national committee for mental health in Jordan. It plays an important role in addressing mental health challenges, promoting well-being and ensuring the provision of quality mental health services in mental health and governorates.

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