March 29, 2023

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A report reveals the effects of the "corona disaster" on education

A report reveals the effects of the “corona disaster” on education

The bank said its headquarters Washington, AndUnited Nations Organization For childhood (UNICEFAnd the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationUNESCO), The current generation of students are at risk of losing $ 17 trillion in their income, which represents almost 14 percent of world GDP. COVID-19.

This figure is higher than previous estimates last year, which predicted that students worldwide would lose $ 10 trillion due to the epidemic.

Education Officer said World Bank Jaime Chowdhury said, “The COVID-19 crisis has shut down education systems around the world. Now, 21 months later, schools for millions of children are still closed and others can never go to school.”

“The educational loss that many children face is morally unacceptable,” he added.

Educational barriers do not affect everyone equally, and the study shows that poor children and people with disabilities are less likely to have access to distance education, while younger students are generally more vulnerable.

The report shows that women are less likely to switch to distance education and generally have a greater loss in learning.

Less than 3 percent of this funding is allocated to education, while more than 200 million students live in underprivileged countries, as governments around the world express stimulus measures to boost their economies in the face of the effects of the epidemic. Provide lessons remotely.

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