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A Saudi DJ highlights his country's natural treasures with music


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Nightclubs and concerts might be the places you'd expect DJs to be, but a Saudi “DJ” chose unexpected places to showcase his DJing skills in his country (watch the video above).

In an interview with CNN Arabic, Khaled Al-Burg explained that the idea of ​​performing music in natural areas in Saudi Arabia was a result of his passion for music and love of nature.

Al-Barq said: “I thought about combining the beauty of music and the beauty of nature in my country and wanted to share this unique musical experience with others.”

Hailing from Riyadh, the Saudi capital, Al-Burq believed that the kingdom is full of wonderful nature and includes wonderful, unique landscapes, so he wanted to “use these beautiful landscapes as a backdrop for the concert and give these places a magic and exceptional atmosphere.”

According to Al Park, vast deserts, high mountains and beautiful sandy beaches are all ideal places to create a unique musical experience.

The goal of the idea is to “create a unique musical experience that exposes the audience to the beauty of music and transports them to a world of excitement and relaxation. It highlights the beauty of Saudi Arabia's nature and raises awareness. To support and promote domestic tourism in the Kingdom and its value and environmental importance.”

By performing music in natural areas in Saudi Arabia, Al-Barq seeks to inspire people and revive a sense of creativity and beauty in the magnificent natural environment.

Al-Barq opined that the combination of music and beautiful scenery has the potential to “attract tourists and travelers to explore and enjoy the natural beauty and local culture in various regions”.

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He has so far performed his musical arrangements in several areas in Saudi Arabia including Aba, Al Souda, Tanuma, Al Namaz and Al Qasim.

Al-Barq pointed out that the selection of these areas was based on several factors, including that these areas have exceptional natural beauty, picturesque and magnificent mountain views, and provide a wonderful backdrop and unique atmosphere for performing music. open space

These areas have a rich local culture and unique heritage where there is an opportunity to fuse house music with elements of local culture to give concerts a unique and local touch.

Currently, he has traveled to the north of the Kingdom to film musical orchestration performances in several areas including Al-Barq, Al-Ula, Wadi Al-Tisa, Tabuk, Jeddah and NEOM, Jeddah.

Having honed his passion through independent study, Al Park explained that working as a DJ requires a deep understanding of music, musical arrangements, the ability to understand artistic vision and communicate with artists and bands.

He added: “I am excited to develop these skills and work to deliver an exceptional and impactful musical experience to audiences.”

In Al Park's view, Arab DJs in the region face many challenges, including the lack of institutional support needed to organize music events. Apart from some cultural and social restrictions on organizing musical performances, there is a lack of awareness and interest in music in Arab society.

However, there are many initiatives and efforts currently underway to improve the music industry and provide better opportunities for Arab musical talents.

Al-Barq's videos shared through his accounts on social media platforms have received a large number of views from different parts of the world, which shows the audience's admiration for his music and his ability to capture their attention.

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Al-Barq stressed: “Reaching a global audience from different regions is amazing. It means that music has been able to transcend geographical boundaries and touch the hearts of people around the world.”

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