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Grandson of Umm Kulthum: Voice of Cairo and Mohsen Zafar did not receive permission from Bor.


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Sunday 07 January 2024

I wrote – Manal al-Qioshi:

Cairo Voice, the Writers and Composers Association and producer Mohsen Jaber's Alam Al-Fan company did not obtain any signatures or permission from Umm Kulthum's rightful heirs, said Atli Samir, grandson of the late Mrs. Umm Kulthum. are invalid.

During a telephone interview of the “Details” program, in an interview with Nihal Tayyal, a journalist on the “Sada El Balad 2” satellite channel, “Umm Kulthum's heirs are her husband, Hassan Al-Hafnawi, her sister, Mrs. Ibrahim Al-Beltaji, her Brother, Sheikh Khalid and I'm his grandson, and the dispute between the Voice of Cairo and Mohsen Jaber… regarding intellectual property rights and the rights of its legacy. They know very well that they are not getting the public. Performance from the heirs who have the right to sell the intellectual performance.”

Adli Samir continued: Mohsen Jafar and Sawd al-Kahira bought from the children of the heirs, and did not inherit from Umm Kulthum.

Atli Samir pointed out that composer Amr Mostafa was very emotional during yesterday's press conference regarding Umm Kulthum's legacy, and he says he has an autograph from him, but Umm Kulthum did not sign any contract or leave anything. False and false handwriting, and they believe that Um Kultum's biography will be sent to other families for sale, but this is not true.

Adli Samir explained that Umm Kulthum never sold her estate to anyone and never wrote anything to anyone: “How did Umm Kulthum sign when buying intellectual property from the children of Umm Kulthum's sister in the nineties?”

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The Cairo Voice company and the art world, like other families, are accused of falsely buying from people who do not have the right to sell. Atli Samir ends his speech when a producer arrives and buys permission. Can the heirs of Umm Kulthum get permission from the heirs of Umm Kulthum to submit a biography about her?

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