June 7, 2023

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A Saudi doctor asked for help on a flight and saw the delivery

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A Saudi doctor has inquired about the presence of a doctor on a Brunei Airlines flight to Australia following a call from a flight attendant to help deliver a woman suffering from labor pains.

Public Health Physician Dr. Half an hour after takeoff, passengers were called by the flight crew when Melphi Al-Ganjar boarded a Royal Brunei Airlines flight to Australia. The presence of a physician.

He added, “I presented myself to the film crew, who was diagnosed with a Filipina woman suffering from labor pains, and she was in the 38th week of pregnancy, and after a physical examination, it was clear she was coming. Give birth.”

He continued, “I asked him to consult any specialist who could prepare the available equipment, contact the ground station and record his recommendations, and after taking the recommendations, it was up to me and the team.”

He added: “Thank God the baby was born on the plane. We followed the mother and baby condition throughout the 3 hour flight. She and her newborn baby were in excellent health. Praise be to God, the mother was greeted with flowers at the airport.”

The doctor explained. According to my file, “Al Arabiya.net” Imad Al-Muhanna, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Brunei, contacted me and expressed his happiness, gratitude and appreciation for what he did on the flight. How this reflected in favor of the country’s reputation.