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The Colombian woman, who claims to speak the “language of aliens”, is widely regarded.


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June 18 2022 13:07 GMT

Updated: June 18 2022 13:45 GMT

Mavi Walker, a Colombian woman who claims to be able to speak the language of aliens, has made herself popular on social media in her country.

According to the French website “elishean777”, Walker’s popularity began when he hosted a Mexican TV show called Venga la Alegria, after his videos went viral on social media.

The number of followers of this woman on the “Tic Tac Toe” website reached 108 thousand followers with about half a million likes by videos talking about her “superpowers” before she appeared in the media.

Mave Walker said on her social media that this is a tool that “connects galaxy dimensions to higher levels and the Earth”.

Earlier this month, Walker attended the Venga La Alegre with his teacher and mentor, Agatha Sabreen.

Walker said, “We both have these psychological skills, and thanks to Agatha’s wisdom, we opened my own channel and connected with different dimensions.”

According to the report, Walker confirmed that she felt “something different” from birth, but by the time she approached Agatha, she had trained with him for almost a year and was able to discover her “powers” when interacting with him. Drives them.

“Thanks to Agatha, I remembered all of my spiritual gifts, all the memories of other galaxies, stars and other planets and all that they carry in our DNA from my body, all of my hidden data began to work.”

Upon arrival for the Mexican show, the two women realized that extraterrestrial life was real and that Mexico was a special country because of the pyramids associated with the constellations of planets and stars.

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“This language is sound waves, the highest frequency here on earth, a stellar frequency that is transmitted through the vocal cords but it comes from the heart,” Walker said.

“You have to realize it, because I am the bridge of communication between the cosmos and the earth.”

In turn, Agatha explained: “You can not hear it, but you can feel it in your heartbeat.”

Later in the broadcast, the media began to speak “space language”, voices and gestures quickly attracted attention.

She later commented, “The body, the cells, it’s very high energy, vibration, frequency, it’s sound.”

Similarly, Agatha, his teacher, stressed that many people speak this strange language.

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