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A Saudi flashes between the wings at the end of “I am Arabian”.


Khalid al-Faisal's artistic and literary contributions are evident in the corners of Hit's palace.

Through an exceptional exhibition that sheds light on the rich heritage of a prominent national cultural figure who has influenced the Saudi cultural sector with his distinguished literary and artistic works for decades, “House of My Thoughts” opens the door to the biography and life of the exhibition. Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Adviser to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Emir of Makkah Al-Mukharramah Region. Creative craftsmanship and expression through the brush at the Hittin Palace in Riyadh.

The fair is an attraction for culture and arts lovers from within and outside the kingdom (Visual Arts Commission).

Organized by the Saudi Ministry of Culture and represented by the Visual Arts Commission, the exhibition adds a unique dimension to its venue through interactive activities and visual and audio effects, taking its visitors on a rich cultural journey. Full of generosity and creativity, where poetry emerges and the arts shine, the presence of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal reflected his artistic poetry and images that settle and expand in our minds as immortal works of art and culture.

The exhibition, which opened on Saturday and runs until January 3, is an attractive destination for culture and arts lovers from inside and outside the kingdom as it offers a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the legacy of Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. About his creative contributions to the world of art and literature.

Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Saudi Minister of Culture, said through his personal account on the “X” social media platform: “In the (Home of My Ideas) exhibition, creativity comes together in word and drawing, poetry and painting. , with the stamp of culture and art dynasty, Prince Khalid Al-Faisal.

For his part, Prince Bandar bin Khalid Al-Faisal, Adviser to the Royal Court and Chairman of the Equestrian Commission, thanked his country for its inspiring leadership with great passion to boost cultural and creative activities as an essential part of the country's ambitious national transformation. Through his personal account on the “X” site, he thanked the Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan for the participatory approach in organizing the exhibition and the enrichment of cultural content to promote national identity.

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The exhibition is a vast opportunity to learn about one of the symbols of literature, art and culture of the Kingdom (Middle East).

Held to celebrate the cultural and literary life and contributions of Dayam al-Saif, the exhibition is accompanied by a range of activities including literary dialogues, workshops and artistic encounters. The first day of the opening of the fair saw an elite group of princes and officials, local and international cultural and artistic leaders, and a group of people interested in the fields of literature, culture and art.

The exhibition consists of 5 galleries documenting Al-Faisal's cultural and artistic journey and allows visitors to enjoy special introductory tours through the corridors of the exhibition, view his valuable art collections, listen to selected musical excerpts from his poetry, and move between. The richness of plastic art in its best forms and turning the pages of literature.

“Home of My Thoughts” exhibition (Visual Arts Authority) includes valuable art collections.

Tina Amin, CEO of the Visual Arts Commission, through her account on the “X” site, invited the entire community to attend the exhibition celebrating the artistic and cultural works and heritage of Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. An exceptional experience and an inspiring opportunity for promising generations to leave its mark on the national poetry and art map.

The CEO of the Visual Arts Commission said the exhibition “reflects the authority's commitment to provide a platform to celebrate unique artistic and literary works, promote cultural and artistic awareness among all sections of society, and encourage interaction and effective participation of the audience. It enables them to ask questions and participate in interactive discussions.” ».

The exhibition featured immortal cultural and artistic works (Visual Arts Commission).

Lulwa Al-Hamoud, the art curator of the exhibition, expressed her happiness and honor to be the art curator of the exhibition when she expressed through her account on the “X” site, which “includes the works of a cultural and artistic icon that we follow. .”

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The exhibition takes a special artistic story summarized in two main tracks: an “inspiring” man who gets his inspiration and creativity by creating poetry and literature using language, word and Arabic script, who draws inspiration from the spirit of the motherland and the originality of its people. As for the second path, it was represented by the “inspiring” man who contributed to inspiring generations of thinkers, artists, poets and musical pioneers in the Arab world for decades.

The exhibition consists of 5 halls documenting the cultural and artistic career of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal (Visual Arts Commission).

Its program includes a variety of activities and quality art and cultural programs with unique forms of dialogue, poetry and music to enrich the experience of the visitor and provoke him to think and reflect, including dialogue in some of Al-Faisal's books. A session describing the relationship between literature and art with the participation of a group that included artists and poets related to its subject, in addition to a gathering that brought together several artists from the village of Al-Muftaha. Prince Khalid and their influence on his artistic and literary depth.

The personality of Prince Khaled Al-Faisal represents a cultural icon due to the diversity of his creativity, aspects of his activities and giving. He was a poet, artist and patron of literature. He spread his creativity in many fields, from poetry to literature to the visual arts. His poetry collection included up to 480 poems, and his intellectual production reached 18 books. Al-Faisal was always interested in thought and culture. His collections document this, and his brushwork is revealed in the most brilliant paintings. Its colors blend with expressive forms, making the painting a complement to the poetic verse.

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A mesmerizing journey through the details of brush and fragrant colors (Visual Arts Commission)

His poems blended with nature without deviating from tradition. Using words that reflected his passion for the hills, plains and hills of the kingdom, his fingertips excelled in depicting and describing the kingdom's charming natural features. The desert is characterized by its sand and its vast horizon, its sun, its moon, its day and night, and at other times it is intense. His poetry is accompanied by poems that capture the clouds, rain, mountains and valleys.

The exhibition saw harmonious performances and visual and sound effects that added a unique dimension to the venue where it was held (Visual Arts Commission).

The “House of My Thoughts” exhibition was a great experience to transport Prince Khaled Al-Faisal back in time to those stations and memories that shaped his brush, shaped his words, brought his immortal paintings and works to life, and created him. Rich experience is a valuable national addition.

The exhibition highlights the lofty sentiments that inspired him, reflected in the personality of the prince, poet and intellectual who was connected to time and place, proud of his heritage, sang the praises of his country. and its inhabitants in his poetic and literary production, and his brush made them into beautiful paintings.

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