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Egyptian actor Saeed Raqab was accused of stealing his money and kicking him out, and he replied: The judiciary is among us.


Kiki Nestlion, an American, accused her husband, Egyptian actor Saeed Raqab of stealing her money and leaving the house, although they agreed to leave peacefully as he pointed out.
On her personal Facebook page, Nestlion wrote a lengthy post detailing her crisis with her husband, which read: “Syed Rajab evicts me from our home in Tahsur, denying that I have any rights in it. At first, I did not want to present things in this way to the public, but now I think Mr. Rajab wants to tell them my story, he can not be the man I married and trusted.
He added, “A few days ago, I went to my house in Tahsur the next day to get some friends to make sure everything was fine, but I was surprised that Mr. Rajab came with some security and was prevented from entering. The staff and my farm and house He ordered them to stop. “
Following the outcry over the release of Nislion, Saeed Rajab’s lawyer described the allegations as “false and have nothing to do with reality”.
The statement said that there was animosity between the artist Saeed Raqab and his ex-wife before the Egyptian courts, which prevented him from commenting, commenting, denying or editing what he had mentioned in his Facebook post.
The statement went on to say that out of respect for the artist Saeed Raqab’s relationship and long tenure, he would avoid any involvement in his personal affairs and would confirm the differences between him and his ex-wife. They had presented her with consensual and many satisfactory solutions to avoid her sinking through the courtyards, but they all rejected them, including the unexplained meanings here.

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