March 31, 2023

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A Saudi man hides a predatory food and monitors what happened with his camera

A Saudi man hides a predatory food and monitors what happened with his camera

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – In the mountains of the southern Saudi city of Danuma, Saudi photographer Saad al-Madhawi hides a predatory food under a large rock and monitors what happened with his camera.

In a video clip the nerd family posted on his Twitter account, he documented the hyena while searching for the source of the food’s odor. He also sought to track down hyenas, their behavior and food detection patterns.

Despite the difficulties the photographer put in front of Haina, he remained steadfast until the last minute.

Speaking to CNN in Arabic, al-Madhawi explained, “It took me a long time to bake until Haina found its food.”

debt: Saad Al Madhavi

Aside from the dangerous mountain slopes, it was not easy for the nerd family to reach the location of the shooting as the hyenas were abundant.

There are many challenges faced by the Saudi photographer during this experience, especially in cold weather in the mountains, and choosing the appropriate shooting angle to capture a large number of shots between short and rough corridors.

Saudi Arabia
debt: Saad Al Madhavi

In fact, the Medawi family aims to examine the behavior of these animals closely with their nature and to share them with the world, and especially with wildlife lovers.

Many people were amazed while watching the video, especially about the hyena’s strength in lifting and moving rocks, and its endurance and patience until it finally succeeds in extracting food.

Al-Madawi hopes to direct an integrated documentary focusing on the wildlife in Saudi Arabia and closely depicting the life and scenes of hyenas, other animals and wildlife in general.

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