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Higma Ventures 07 is at the forefront of the financial round for the Therapy Health Technology platform


  • Collected by the company O7 treatment $ 2.1 million, led by Hikma, for Egypt-based health technology, with participation C-Ventures And this Lotus Ventures Together with Angel Investors.
  • Established O7 treatment In 2019, by Ashraf Baqeed, Ashraf Adel and Nader Iskander, it is a technology-based treatment platform that supports clients with a network of bilingual psychiatrists and psychiatrists with psychiatric challenges..
  • The tour aims to expand the site across the Middle East and expand its customer base while introducing new product features and enhancements.

Press release

Announced by Hikma Pharmaceuticals plc. (“Hekma”), a multinational pharmaceutical company, has announced the acquisition of its investment arm, Hekma Ventures. O7 treatmentAn online site that offers psychotherapy services to Arabic speakers.

O7 treatment This is an innovative and science based online site for disorders..

Take part in this tour; Except for Hekma Ventures, C-VenturesAnd thisLotus Ventures, And a group of major Angel investors. This round is the largest fund ever announced for a mental health startup in the MENA region..

Hamza Abdelhadi, Investment Head, Hikma Ventures, commented: “We are delighted to be part of a concerted effort to revolutionize the mental health and psychological recovery of Arabic speakers around the world. This will enable individuals to access “Govit-19” while accelerating the adoption of digital services in the field of epidemiological health, but also contributing to the increase in mental health problems such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, fatigue and more. O7 treatment It is worth dealing with some of these issues and providing caregivers with a reliable platform for better mental health. “.

In turn, Ashraf Baheed, CEO and co-founder O7 treatment He said: “We are pleased to have Higma involved in our mission to improve people’s lives. Mental and psychological recovery is paramount.” He added: “Everyone deserves access to the best mental health services in a good and convenient way, which motivates us to continue our work consistently and resolutely..

Walkway O7 treatment It is a revised and science based electronic site. It was established to support users around the world by providing avenues for achieving psychological recovery. She chose O7 treatment A network of psychiatrists and psychologists who are familiar with the client’s culture support them through the psychological challenges they may face..

With its advanced digital infrastructure, O7 treatment The ability to connect patients with a team of the best therapists to meet the needs of each; This site directly guides patients to effectively address their difficulties in travel, using resource-based methods aimed at aggressively and advancing towards mental health. This platform ensures the security and security of the service recipients by using reliable protocols to encrypt and store the data within a seamless user framework..

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