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A Saudi monitors the speed of snow controlling a soap bubble in Typhoon


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – As snowfall images spread across various social media in Saudi Arabia, Saudi photographer Fahad al-Shanbari tried to conduct an experiment that might interest you.

Al-Shanbari’s idea began to freeze a soap bubble after seeing previous experiments and scenes filmed in some European countries known for heavy snow.

Thanks: Fahad Al-Shanbari

At first, he expected strong cold waves in which the temperature would reach below zero.

He used the following tools:

  • The soap liquid is mixed with a little water

  • Plastic pipe

Saudi Arabia
Thanks: Fahad Al-Shanbari

Al-Shanbari chose it precisely because of its transparency and clear frosting on it, as the soap bubble is a very thin layer and explodes quickly.

He noted that his first attempts to conduct this experiment began in the winter of last year, but not all of them were successful. With that, he decided to try again this year, until he succeeds in photographing the frozen soap bubble.

Saudi Arabia
Thanks: Fahad Al-Shanbari

The experiment was carried out by a Saudi photographer at the height of the Al-Shifa area in Taif.

At that time, the temperature reached two degrees below zero, which is one of the degrees of frost formation, according to Al-Shanbari, when speaking in Arabic with CNN.

He said: “I have a very beautiful moment when the freezing veins that control the apparent soap bubble in a few minutes and the reflection of the sun’s rays on the soap bubble add a little beauty.”

Of course, the experience is not without its challenges, especially since it is so cold, which means that freezing fingers can lead to frostbite.

Saudi Arabia
Thanks: Fahad Al-Shanbari

Al-Shanbari’s goal is to control the very thin soap bubble, change its properties, detect the speed of frost in freezing before it explodes, and introduce people to ice waves that can strike farms and completely damage plants and crops. .

Saudi Arabia
Thanks: Fahad Al-Shanbari

Al-Shanbari did not expect people to behave much, and he was delighted that the experience was accepted and welcomed by many on social media.

Al-Shanbari’s achievements do not end there, but he seeks to create his own photo shop with workshops and training classes for photography.

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