March 27, 2023

Dubai Week

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Emirati stocks attract 157.3 million dirhams in cash at the start of trading

The performance of the UAE financial markets was different at the start of the first session of the week on Monday. It attracts over 157.3 million dirhams in both markets.

Brent crude rose 0.2% to $ 86.23 a barrel and Nymex crude rose 0.44% to $ 84.19 a barrel, in line with rising international oil prices.

At 10:08 a.m. today, the Abu Dhabi Market Index was down 0.22% at 8406 points.

The value of trading on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange is approximately 145.15 million dirhams and 19.7 million shares.

This was followed by a 0.72% decline in Abu Dhabi for the first time, while both international holding and Afafi increased by 0.39% and 0.32% respectively.

Furthermore, Aldar Properties and ADNOC distribution stood at 4.15 dirhams and 4.22 dirhams respectively.

ADNOC drill rose 0.59%, and Eshraq stock fell 0.58%.

Global Holding issued shares with a trading value of 29.44 million dirhams, followed by Aldar Properties 22.57 million dirhams.

At the level of the Dubai Financial Market, the Dubai Financial Market Index was up 0.15% at 3206 points.

Market performance came with a stabilization of Dubai financial markets at 2.61 dirhams per share, while GFH was up 2.34% and Emirates NBD was up 0.76%.

Theor growth slowed to 0.19% and Dubai Islami slowed to 0.18%.

Union assets fell 0.19%, while Emaar Development 0.69% and Dubai Investments 0.49%.

The market value of the stock reached about 12.19 million dirhams through 10.16 million shares.

GFH shares traded at around 7.47 million dirhams, Emirates NBD shares at 1.27 million dirhams, and GFH shares at 5.69 million.

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Then, 8 stocks rose, 4 stocks fell, and 6 stocks stood.