May 29, 2023

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A solemn moment around the Kaaba in Ramadan. The sight of white-clad pilgrims caught the attention of the pioneers of the communication platform

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — During the month of Ramadan, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mosque sees an atmosphere of faith dominated by peace, reverence and determination.

Credit: Abdulrahman A. Sahli/ @heartmecca

In a scene shrouded in white, a Saudi photographer managed to capture a majestic moment for pilgrims during prayers at Mecca’s Grand Mosque, which caught the attention of the pioneers of social networks. “Instagram”.

The Saudi photographer shares various shots from inside the Grand Mosque, highlighting unique angles for worshipers, through his account on the site “Instagram”.

Credit: Abdulrahman A. Sahli/ @heartmecca

Speaking to CNN in Arabic, Abdul-Rahman al-Suhaili explains that he wanted to highlight the scene of the white-robed pilgrims.

Credit: Abdulrahman A. Sahli/ @heartmecca

He said: “Here, there is no distinction between Arab or non-Arab, white or black.”

Credit: Abdulrahman A. Sahli/ @heartmecca

Al-Suhaili explained that he took the photo during the Asr prayer, describing the pilgrims as “like a structured formation”.

Credit: Abdulrahman A. Sahli/ @heartmecca

Al-Suhayli pointed out that this is a majestic spiritual scene, with the pilgrims bowed and all dressed in the same garment.

The image received widespread interaction on “Instagram”, where users of the social networking site expressed their admiration for the beauty of the scene, with one of the commentators describing the scene as “scattered pearls”, and some confusing the image with feelings of spirituality, peace and tranquility.

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