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A Spanish astronomical agency monitors the passage of a giant fireball over Morocco – Price Tetouan


Recorded devices detection own With a plan “smart”, related to to the company Physics Astrology Inside Andalus (IAA-CSIC), On that day condition Observation stations Astrology Inside Regions Hoolwa AndSeville and Sierra Nevada, No Chakra (Granada) and caller Alto (Almeria), No Hedda (Toledo), In the column ball Fireworks Colossal above Morocco Quickly 61 A thousand talk / bell.

According to For analysis That conducted it the world Physics Astrology Jose Maria Madido, Researcher Inside Company Physics Astrology Inside Andalus (IAA-CSIC) and manager project “smart”, lost It was completed Register This is amazing ball Fireworks Everything is fine bell 3:56 p.m From Sabeeha Yesterday Sunday, AndHe She has Glitter big from full moon, command That are stimulatingA lot from Membersshould be can On that day monitoring event from Spain, echoes Echo This is amazing event On that day Networks Social.

showed Accounts That conducted it Madido That Rock That caused Inside This is amazing event She has arrived from An asteroid And I entered Cover Aerial to earth Quickly rapport 61 A thousand kilometers Inside bell.

as It causes Friction Violence with Cover Aerial to earth With this Speed Wonderful Inside raise degree Heat surface Rock (Meteor) to do degree Heat to reach to do Many Thousands from Grades Centennial celebration It became glowing, than At the helm to do generation ball Fireworks I started On that day raise around 97 A thousand kilometers area Ibohorn According to the province Nador, Where I applied to do South East It faded On that day raise around 31 A thousand kilometers above group brown agent.

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and marked By showing A lot from Banks On that day length route, which She is a Because malfunctions snap Different Inside rock, than It causes Inside increases Surprise Inside Shine.

And it is consideredsmart“, project It was completed Grow it By network South West europe, which network Research to integrate it Company Physics Astrology Inside Andalus (IAA-CSIC), and target to do monitoring the sky in a form Continuous from ok Register and study ImpactRocks from things Different Inside system Sun light On that day Cover Aerial to earth.

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