March 25, 2023

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Al Maria Bank develops its application - Al Ittihad newspaper

Al Maria Bank develops its application – Al Ittihad newspaper

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
Al Maria Bank, in collaboration with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government, has developed its own application to launch current account services through the UAE Pass Application, a joint venture between the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, the Digital Government and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. And Smart Dubai, so the use of “digital identity” becomes the main gateway for opening bank accounts. No need to provide any supporting documents, it is the fastest, safest and first technology like this in UAE. Called the UAEPass banking service.
Deputy Director General of the Communications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government Eng. Mohammed Ibrahim al-Jaruni, in a statement to the Department of Information and Digital Government, said the merger of the local Al Maria Bank with the digital identity system is about the concept of integration and partnership between the public and private sectors to carry the burdens of digital transformation and to integrate the foundations of the digital knowledge community and economy.
Al Jaruni said: “We are implementing any initiative of banks and private companies in the country under the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government. Digital transformation at the national level. We hope this will be effective in implementing the objectives.
It is noteworthy that Al Maria Local Bank has developed its application based on its participation in the development of banking services and products, which will be highly relevant to serve the community for both individuals and companies. Al Maria Bank Application, Schedule Card, Credit Card for launching banking products and services. Digital debit card.

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