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A Starliner rocket will fly a test flight to a space station this week


The Boeing aircraft is getting ready to launch Starliner Capsule Unmanned Aerial Flight Test 2 (OFT-2) is on its way to the Satellite International Space Station (ISS), and after reviewing preparations for the flight, NASA and Boeing will target the instant launch window on May 19 at 6:54 p.m. EDT (2254 GMT) to launch a Starliner on top of the United Alliance Atlas V rocket.

And according to the “Space” website, this will be Starliner’s second attempt to meet with the International Space Station and dock, and a decisive step in adoption. NASA Boeing spacecraft for human travelers.

Starliner’s first OFT mission in December 2019 did not actually live up to expectations and failed to reach the orbit required to reach the International Space Station due to a software glitch.

In early August 2021 Boeing was prioritized for its missions, but just hours before departure early tests found problems with more than half of the antenna valves in Starliner’s propulsion system, the launch was canceled, and the capsule was disconnected from the Atlas V and returned. Boeing to repair.

NASA hopes for the success of OFT-2 to begin sending large numbers of astronauts to the space station, and for almost a decade NASA has relied on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to transport its astronauts into orbit. Facilitated by the SpaceX Crew Dragon crew. , Which launched its fourth manned mission to the International Space Station last month.

NASA says it will stay with the International Space Station on Starliner OFT-2 for five to 10 days, hoping to send the capsule by the end with NASA and its first crew if Boeing succeeds, before returning to Earth and landing in the western United States. Of 2022.

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