February 8, 2023

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Keff was determined to host the final of the African Champions in Morocco .. Egypt's al-Ahly seeks refereeing  Football

Keff was determined to host the final of the African Champions in Morocco .. Egypt’s al-Ahly seeks refereeing Football

Al-Ahly, the owner of the African Champions League, has announced that he will be playing in the final of the tournament at any venue later this month, but that will not prevent him from continuing to seek refereeing for the game. .

In recent days, al-Ahly has opposed the African Union (CAF)’s late decision to host the final in Morocco against Wyatt Casablanca, and demanded that it be held at a neutral ground to secure equal opportunities.

Despite the protests, the CAF maintained its position on hosting the tournament on May 30 and justified receiving two requests from Morocco and Senegal before the final, while not requesting the Egyptian organization.

Al-Ahly said in a statement after an emergency meeting of the board of directors on Sunday that he had “decided to play the Champions League final at any venue on the African continent based on al-‘s value.” Ahly Club and its history.

He added, “Al-Ahly Club abides by its legitimate right to ask the African Union to implement a number of restrictions on the conduct of competition to ensure minimum justice between the two competing teams.”

Al-Ahly confirmed his pride in his good relations with all Moroccan clubs, and said that they were not a party to the crisis and that the club’s position was only against the CAF.

The 10-time winner of the African Championship said he would continue to sue on the sports court and hold a press conference after the final to reveal footage of the CAF decision. Rules of fair play. “

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Al-Ahly won the title by defeating the South African Kaiser in the final in Morocco last year.