March 23, 2023

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A strange incident at the conference of the match between Tunisia and Burkina Faso in Cameroon

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One person was spotted climbing during a press conference for the match between the teams of Tunisia and Burkina Faso to be played on Saturday evening at the Rometi-Adjia ground as part of the African Cup of Nations. On stage, he picked up the microphone and connections, and then fled.

According to “Top Africa”, despite attempts to arrest him, it became clear later that the organizing committee had rented the equipment from him and had not paid for his expenses.

According to Tunisian journalists, an unidentified man entered the stage of the technical staff where the coach of the Tunisian national team was seated, removed the microphones and communication equipment in front of the audience and fled.

Once he was arrested, it was discovered that the tournament organizing committee had rented equipment from him and he had not paid for its return, thus controlling the situation.

This will be the third clash between Burkina Faso and Tunisia in the African Cup of Nations.


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