May 30, 2023

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Al-Etihad is facing a harsh sentence for the president after his fiery statement

Al-Etihad is facing a harsh sentence for the president after his fiery statement

Al-Haili – Saudi Federation

Saudi 360 – Ahmed al-Amir, a lawyer who specializes in sports law, threatened the club’s management on Wednesday evening. Together Penalty expected after his statement against the Omani Football Association.

Penalty for threatening Al-Ittihad club after his statement against the Football Association

The prince confirmed in television reports that Nadi’s statement had no positive effect Together From a legal point of view, it contains the Football Association and all its employees due to abuse, accusation and libel.

The prince explained in his statements that the disciplinary committee of the Football Association would issue harsh decisions against the president of the Al-Ittihad club and the head of the media center.

The prince noted that the expected disciplinary committee sentence could be suspension at the end of the season or the entire season, and that the head of the al-Ittihad club and media center could be fined a maximum of 300,000.

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Al-Ittihad management issued a statement on Wednesday morning rejecting some disciplinary decisions made against “Al-Ameet” and several of his elements during the current season’s matches, following the suspension of CEO Hamad al-Balawi. 4 matches and a fine of 75 thousand riyals for his statements after the defeat against al-Hilal.

The Saudi Football Association responded in an official statement on Wednesday evening, stressing that judicial committees stressed the freedom to make their own decisions, and that each party has the right to take legal action that guarantees it.

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In its statement, the Football Association stressed the need for each club and its staff to comply with the letters and decisions issued by judicial committees without question or action.

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