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A surprise for “Tuna”‘s father in the 23rd episode of “Faten Amal Harbi” | News


“Faten” seems to be on a date with a new surprise that will change many things in her life, which is a surprise she did not expect.

The 23rd episode of “Faten Amal Harbi” series aired on cbc channel and its highlights are as follows:

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Adorable Dad

Fatan Audley met with a consultant who is helping Shakib al-Iskandarani and Randa write a note of objection to the personal status law. Audley reveals to her that he met her during her childhood with her father, who worked in a court in Mansoura.

After that, Shakib told “Shafi” about “Faton”‘s father, and suddenly “Shafi”‘s face changed, he looked sad, but he tried not to explain this to them, and finally found “Faton”. His father is still alive and “Shafi” knows where he is.

A scene from Faden Amal Harby

Conflict between Yahya and Abdel Azim

Again “Abdul-Azim” confronted “Yahya” and asked him to focus on his life, without thinking about “Faton”, but “Yahya” opposed everything he was told, and in the end, “Abdul-Azim” promised. He said he wanted “Faton” and wanted to marry her if it comforted him, but “Yahya” also objected, and they recalled some of the situations in which they lived together, and clarified each other’s thoughts. Yahya studied at al-Azhar to complete his father’s mission, and “Abdul-Azim” had no money, so he studied at any other university, but then he remembered another situation in which he joined the Brotherhood. When he denied Yahya, he refused because he feared that Abdel Azim would be arrested because he refused to speak in the name of religion and any group that would judge the people.

Mohammad Al-Sharnubi and Ahmad Majeed in a scene by Fatan Amal Harbi

Faten and Yahya

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“Fatten” knows what happened to “Sheikh Yahya” and when he lost his job, and she meets him to apologize for what happened. She was not a reason, but indirectly tried several times to reassure her. She wanted to convey to him a message that he should be near her as a friend and that she was not suitable for him.If he thinks of her like this he is like a girlfriend.


Another round of court

The lawsuit between “Faten” and Seif continues this time, demanding housing for her and her two daughters, but as usual, “Saif’s” lawyer delays proceedings, and “Faten” does nothing but stand in front of her. Oppose the judge and personal status law.


“Faton Amal Harbi” is a series produced and produced by Ibrahim Isa, starring Nelly Kareem, Sharif Salamah, Mohammad Al-Sharnoubi, Khalid Sarhan, Mohammad Darwat, Hala Zedki, Fadia Abdel Ghani, and directed by Mando Al-Atl. Al-Adl Group.


The series “Faten Amal Harbi” will be shown on the cbc channel at 7:35 pm and will be rebroadcast after 12:40 am and 10:15 am.

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