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A swindler cheats on a divorced woman and seizes 174 thousand dirhams


Abu Dhabi Family Court has ordered a woman to pay 174,000 dirhams, with 5% late interest, for cheating her into holding a major position in a government agency. The decision to save her son from her ex-husband, in return he receives money from her.

In the details, a woman filed a lawsuit against a man claiming that he had to pay her 174,000 dirhams and that the legal interest was 12% from the date of filing the lawsuit until full payment, stating that she was divorced and had a son, and that she sought protection for her son from the divorcee. She also used the man under the illusion that she held a high position in a government agency, and would help her make a decision about caring for her daughter from the divorcee. One, she received a sum from him, according to which she gave him 174,000 dirhams in installments, from which he received 7,000 dirhams in cash, the rest she exchanged for it through a transfer company, and a criminal court convicted the defendant of the charge against him, giving him two months. He was released from prison on bail.

In the judgment, the Civil Exchange Act required that the plaintiff be legally liable to pay 174,000 dirhams. Plaintiff, and he was involved in this sum for the benefit of the plaintiff.

The plaintiff’s request to pay the late interest amount at the rate of 12% from the date of filing the case until the date of payment, the court decided that the debtor’s interest penalty for the delay. Repayment of the loan, despite its maturity, will not be considered as interest prohibited by Sharia and law. Compensation for alleged damage as a result of the debtor’s deferral, which cannot otherwise be proved, indicates whether the obligation is civil or commercial The plaintiff’s interest claim is genuine and legal, and the court is obligated to pay the plaintiff the late interest.

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The court ordered the plaintiff to pay 174 thousand dirhams (one hundred and seventy four thousand dirhams). The date of filing the lawsuit until full payment is due, and he is obligated to pay the lawsuit fees and costs.

The criminal court convicted him and sentenced him to two months in prison.

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