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NATO discusses China and Russia’s challenges after OAG agreement announced, and US-Australia regret France’s recall of its ambassadors | America News


Following the announcement of the US-British-Australian security pact, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has said it faces challenges in maintaining global order from “dictatorial powers” such as Russia and China. New (Oax) and the crisis of the submarine agreement with France.

The head of NATO’s military group said the coalition faces challenges in defending world order from “dictatorial powers” such as Russia and China, adding that unity between the two sides of the Atlantic is needed to meet the challenges.

The reports come ahead of a meeting of NATO leaders in the Greek capital, Athens, on Saturday.

The NATO military delegation will meet in Athens to discuss the coalition’s security plans and the coalition’s military operations around the world.

The panel, which includes NATO leaders, discusses the risks from Russia and China and the future of the alliance within the framework of its 2030 plan. The panel also discusses strengthening partnerships with European countries and North America.

The meeting comes at a time when the EU is seeking to create a separate military force to operate separately after its withdrawal from Afghanistan last month, and the expected announcement of a partnership with NATO by the end of this year.

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has confirmed that the United States considers arms control between Washington and Moscow and talks with Russia on strategic stability around the world.

Submarine crisis

The United States and Australia, on the other hand, said they regretted France’s decision to recall its ambassadors to Washington and Canberra. It contacted the French authorities to resolve the dispute.

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The White House said the United States regrets France’s decision to withdraw its ambassador from Washington, adding that Washington will continue to work with Paris in the coming days to resolve differences between the two countries.

Emily Horn, a spokeswoman for the U.S. National Security Council, said Washington was in close contact with her French partners over the decision to summon the ambassador to Paris, and Horn said in a statement that the United States would continue to understand France’s position and resolve their differences in the coming days, as they did during their long alliance. .

U.S. Defense Secretary John Kirby told a news conference in Kyrgyzstan and Paris yesterday that senior officials under President Joe Biden had been in contact with their French counterparts about Washington’s submarine deal with Australia and that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had spoken to his French counterpart.

Last Wednesday, Australia announced the cancellation of a $ 40 billion deal with France to build conventional submarines, instead announcing that it would build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines with US and British technology after the conclusion of a tripartite defense alliance between London and Washington. And Canberra.

Continuing contacts

The US State Department has said that Washington will continue to discuss the issue with France, including at the UN General Assembly next week. U.S. State Department spokesman Nate Price added: “France is a key partner and oldest ally, and we value our relationship the most.”

In Australia, a Foreign Ministry spokesman lamented Canberra’s decision to recall its ambassador to Australia. The spokesman said his country respects relations with France and we look forward to re-contacting France on a number of common issues. , Based on common values. “

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Yesterday, Australian Foreign Minister Maurice Payne understood his country’s understanding after the decision to abandon the purchase of French submarines.

Punch in the back

The French Foreign Ministry said on Friday that at the request of Republican President Emmanuel Macron, it had decided to immediately summon French ambassadors to the United States and Australia for “Axis” security. The agreement between the United States, Britain and Australia considers Paris to be a “back punch”.

It condemned the abandonment of the submarine agreement between Australia and France since 2016, and its emphasis on the Indo-Pacific region for Europe, saying that a new partnership declaration with the United States was unacceptable and that its consequences would affect the perception of France’s alliance and partnership.

Philippe Etienne, the French ambassador to Washington, was summoned to Paris for consultation after he said in a tweet that the announcements would directly affect his country’s alliances and alliances and the importance of the Indo-Pacific region to Europe.

Ahead of the decision to invite two ambassadors, French officials canceled a party in Washington on Friday to commemorate the anniversary of the decisive naval war during the US Revolution.

The French Foreign Ministry described the abandonment of the submarine project connecting Australia to France since 2016 as “unacceptable behavior among allies”, while Australia rejected French criticism, saying Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday raised the possibility of his country canceling a submarine. Negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron with a French company ended in June.

Australia’s decision is part of a security alliance announced last Wednesday with the United States and the United Kingdom, which also includes the Indo – Pacific region.

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On Friday, Paris expressed distrust of Australia in the current negotiations on a trade agreement with the European Union.

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