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A three-phase Egyptian effort to end the war in Gaza


Sources familiar with the Hamas talks in Cairo said the movement's delegation returned to Qatar and consulted with the political bureau on an initiative proposed by Egypt, which includes three stages of a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip.

In reports published by Saudi Al-Sharq TV on Sunday, Ismail Haniyeh, head of the movement's political bureau, arrived in Doha after four days of talks in Cairo, indicating that “Hamas”. Study, within the framework of its Political Bureau, the Egyptian initiative document it received. For a ceasefire in Egypt.

A Hamas delegation led by Haniyeh arrived in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on Wednesday to discuss what sources described as “an end to the division” over prisoners and files related to the Gaza Strip, relief aid, reconstruction and resources.

The first phase will begin with a two-week humanitarian cease-fire, which could be extended to two or three weeks, during which Hamas will release 40 Israeli prisoners, including women and children (under 18), and elderly men, especially those who are ill. .

In return, Israel releases 120 Palestinian prisoners in the same two categories, during which a ceasefire, the withdrawal of tanks and the flow of food and medical aid, fuel and cooking gas into the Gaza Strip.

Establishing a Palestinian national dialogue under Egyptian auspices with the aim of “ending the divide”, creating a government of technical experts (independents) overseeing humanitarian relief issues, the Gaza Strip reconstruction file, and paving the way for a Palestinian general and presidency. Elections.

It also stipulates a full and comprehensive cease-fire and a comprehensive prisoner exchange agreement involving all Israeli soldiers with Hamas, the Islamic Jihad Movement and other factions, during which an agreement is reached on the number of Palestinian prisoners Israel will release. , including those of high faith and those whom Israel arrested after the seventh. From October.

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The final phase will involve the withdrawal of Israel from the cities of the Gaza Strip and the return of the displaced to their areas in Gaza and the northern Strip.

Informed sources said that after the end of the war in Gaza, Egypt gave an initiative to the Palestinian forces to take over the administration of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and form a “technical” government, in addition to reconstruction and reconstruction work. Shelter, the “Hamas” movement expressed its approval of this proposal.

The sources indicated that “Egypt is expected to resume Palestinian national talks after the formation of a government, not before.” , quotas, etc., may delay the start of reconstruction and relief work.” and shelter in the Gaza Strip.”

Hamas has shown some flexibility over the administration of Gaza since the war, and an official of the movement said last November that Hamas wanted to create a Palestinian “technical” government capable of handling the massive responsibilities of providing relief and rebuilding to the people of Gaza. The strip added that this government should be formed with national consensus.

The sources said Egypt proposed to the Palestinian forces to set up a “technical” government after the war, which would administer the West Bank and Gaza and carry out reconstruction and shelter work.

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