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Sony files new patent for “feet” controller for VR


Sony has published a new patent related to a VR device controller, this time the controller is for the feet, not the hands. This is an idea that players have been asking for, and if implemented, the company will definitely be a pioneer.

Technology is constantly advancing, and since we are still in the age of speed, it means that a successful company will always be the first. Sony excels in offering the current PSVR 2 by integrating the features of the Dualsense controller, such as the adaptive buttons and haptic feedback feature.

But as we'll see below, imagine the new PSVR device with a foot controller, two giant balls capable of rotating these balls 360 degrees.

This patent could be a new accessibility feature for a certain type of gamer, or a companion controller for those who struggle with the size of the device and don't have enough room to move around. Says by its description Custom website For Patents:

“This control device consists of two or more balls, which are suitable for manipulation by the human foot. “The device is dedicated to virtual reality and is directed to players who do not have enough space in their homes.”

In recent years, Sony has been creative in filing many patents with very important and innovative ideas. A more recent patent is to actually control the level of difficulty within the game. For example, if a player chooses to play on higher difficulty and his skills are not up to par, the difficulty will be adjusted accordingly. The skill and ability of this player. For more details about this patent, you can visit this link.

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