June 6, 2023

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A title worthy of Al-Ahli youth… Excitement and crisis… Coaches who make a difference

The 15th season of the Professional Football League ended with the title returning to Shabab Al-Ahli after a seven-season absence, which saw the league shield change from Al-Jazeera to Al-Ain and Sharjah, then Al-Jazeera and Al. -Ain’t again, a big ceremony witnessed by fans and club leaders before settling down amid historic jubilation in “Deira Dubai”. In a season that will go down in history because of the strong competition, I am delighted to see the achievement. The tournament saw the last 26 rounds, and fluctuations in results, statistics and numbers.

Tipbah Al-Bujairah were relegated to the Amateur League in the last round, and deciding the league’s top scorer, as well as the runner-up qualifying for the AFC Champions League, all mattered. This has happened in previous seasons before the final rounds, and it confirms the strength of the competition this year, the technical work outside the lines, the influence of coaches on the teams’ results and their important role in deciding the results of the matches.

Despite the different positions and arrangements, the most important coaches who played an important and important role: the Portuguese coach Jardim, who led the Al-Ahly youth to the stage, in addition to the coach of citizen Tippa Al-Fujairah. Hassan Al-Abduli, who had a technical case in the last rounds of the league, would have made history and if he wins, Ajman coach Zoran will be joined by Tippa.

The League Shield was settled at the “Deira” amid historic jubilation by “Dubai Knights” and a huge celebration witnessed fans and club leaders, rejoicing in the achievement.

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