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Microsoft allows iPhones to connect to Windows computers


HomelandMicrosoft announced that the latest version of the “Phone Link” program for computers running “Windows 11” can now receive notifications, send text messages and answer calls from iPhone phones.

And “Phone Link” is an app developed by Microsoft for computers running “Windows 10” and above, and it allows users to connect Android phones to computers, access photos on their phones, answer phone calls, access messages and more. Computer.

Most Americans use iPhones, and the interoperability of Apple products has helped Windows take market share away from PCs in recent years, according to a CNBC (CNBC) report.

Apple accounted for about 10% of global computer shipments last year, according to market research firm ITC.

Because the PhoneLink program previously only worked on Android phones, Microsoft’s move removes an important hurdle for computer buyers who chose to integrate a Mac with their iPhone.

According to the report of “The Verge”, the “PhoneLink” program lacks many features of “Apple” programs such as “Apple” News, and works through Bluetooth, and requires the installation of “Windows Link” to install the “iPhone”. “Application. (link for Windows) from Microsoft before you start using it.

A personal computer running Windows and having the “Phone Connection” program receives notifications from the user’s “iPhone” device and displays messages in response to it, but cannot receive or read group messages through the “iMessage” program available on the iPhone and users. Sending photos or videos is not allowed.

And “Phone Connect” can only display messages it sends or receives, so a user who has sent some text messages on his phone will not see this part of his message history in the “Phone Connect” app.

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