June 2, 2023

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A tourist complains of a musty smell in the hotel room… the surprise was under the bed

A Chinese tourist has complained of a foul smell coming from his room at a Tibetan hotel. At first, he thought the stench was coming from his feet, but after a few hours he discovered it was from a dead body under his bed.

According to local and international media, Zhang, a Chinese tourist, was staying at a hotel in Tibet and noticed a strange smell in his room shortly after his stay, and reported it to the hotel staff, who assured him he had smelled it. Bakery on ground floor.

Zhang slept in the room for three hours thinking that his feet smelled bad.

Zhang said he left the room for dinner and upon returning, the smell became “unbearable” so he asked for a different room.
That night, hotel staff woke him up and asked him to go to his first room, where police told him they found a body under the bed.

Investigators took his statement and collected a DNA sample, but told him not to worry because they had already arrested a man on a train to Lanzhou in connection with the case.

The tourist later posted a review of her harrowing experience on Chinese social network Weibo, and the story spread widely on other social media.

The body is said to be that of a woman who was killed elsewhere and the suspect took her remains to her hotel room.

The man sought compensation from the hotel for the disruption of his flight and the trauma he suffered as a result of the situation.