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“Golden Opportunity” allows you to get a driving license without lessons in Dubai


The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has announced a new service for driving license holders from categories not covered by the possibility to change their driving licences. A procedure known as “Road Test” and for the same charges as mentioned in the Act.

Jamal Al-Sada, Director of the Driving License Department at the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, told “Emirates Today” that the aim of providing this service is to save effort and time for experienced drivers. have driving licenses from their countries, but are not included in the list of countries where the license exchange service applies to them as per the agreements signed between their countries and the UAE.

Al-Sada said the “Golden Opportunity” service is available to all nationalities, provided the applicant has a valid residence permit and an original valid driver’s license from his/her country, the service can be applied for and selected through the authority’s website. The theoretical and practical tests required to obtain the license of the driving company for which he wishes to apply.

Al-Sada confirmed that obtaining a driver’s license in the UAE requires a program of training and lessons, and a series of theoretical and practical tests, except for drivers who hold a driver’s license from a list of recommended countries. For those previously exempted from lessons and tests, a package of documents proving the validity of their driver’s licenses is submitted, and the “golden opportunity” will allow groups from other countries to obtain a license for the same fee. Approved in law without any increase.

He said the “golden opportunity” is available only once to drivers who hold driving licenses from their home countries and if they cannot pass the required tests, they will have to undergo the procedures followed in obtaining a driving license. Coaching sessions and internal exams at the driving institute

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In his response to the level and criteria of the final test required in the “Golden Opportunity” service, Al-Sada stressed that the same test, with the same standard, is sufficient to demonstrate skills and abilities. To ensure the safety of the driver, and his performance on the road.

Al-Sada emphasized that those who obtain a driver’s license under the “Golden Opportunity” service are subject to the same regulations and laws and are obliged to follow the necessary procedures to renew their license according to the years of validity. and age category, indicating that the service is available to holders of driving licenses for light vehicles and not for heavy vehicles.

Dubai Roads: Available to all nationalities if they pass the practical test.

This service is available to those who have a light vehicle driving license and those who do not have a heavy vehicle license. From the source

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