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A vast “magnetic tunnel” may orbit the Earth and our entire solar system


Opinion of space tunnel artist.

According to research from the University of Toronto, the solar system is surrounded by a magnetic tunnel visible in radio waves.

Jennifer West, research partner at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, creates a scientific case that the two brightest structures on opposite sides of the sky — previously considered separately — were actually connected and made of rope-like fibers. Communication looks like a tunnel around our solar system.

The results of Western research data have been published Astronomy Magazine.

“If we look at the sky, we see this tunnel-like structure in every direction we look – that is, if we have eyes that can see radio light.”

The West claims that astronomers known as the “North Pole” and the “fan zone” have known about these two structures for decades. But most scientific interpretations focus on the individual. In contrast, West and her colleagues believe they were the first astronomers to unite as a unit.

Left: A curved tunnel, lines formed by tunnel lights and road signs, forming the proposed model-like geometry for the Arctic spur and fan. Credit: Pixby Photo / Description Jennifer West. Right: The sky appears in polarized radio waves. Credit: Radio Astronomy / Villa Eliza Telescope / ESA / Planck Collaboration / Stellarium / Dominion Laboratory for Jennifer West.

These structures, made up of charged particles and magnetic fields, are shaped like long ropes and are about 350 light-years away — and 1,000 light-years across.

“This is two trillion times the distance between Toronto and Vancouver,” West says.

Western nations have been thinking about these aspects for 15 years – from the first sighting of a radio aerial map. Recently, I developed a computer model that calculates what the radio sky would look like from Earth by classifying the shape and location of the long ropes. This model allowed us to “build” the structure around us in the west, and showed us through our telescopes what the sky would look like. It was this new perspective that helped her match the data model.

Proposed fibers of the Milky Way

The project map of the Milky Way is shown with the recommended fiber employment and quantity. Inset shows a detailed view of the local environment, the local bubble and various dust clouds nearby. Credit: NASA / JBL-Caltech / R. Injury / SSC / Caltech

“A few years ago, one of our co-authors, Tom Landecker, told me about a paper from the early days of radio astronomy in 1965,” says West. “Based on the initial data currently available, the authors [Mathewson and Milne]It is speculated that these polarized radio signals may be generated from our view of the local arm of the galaxy.

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“This paper inspired me to develop this idea and relate my model to the best data our telescopes can provide us today.”

Uses the western earth map as an example. The North Pole is above and in the middle of the equator – unless you redraw the map at a different angle. This also applies to the map of our galaxy. “Most astronomers look at a galaxy map with a north pole and a galaxy center in the middle,” West explains. “The important part that inspired this idea was to redraw that map with a different point in the middle.”

Jennifer West

Jennifer West, a researcher at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, says that two magnetic fields on either side of the sky are like tunnels around the solar system. Image source: Jennifer West

“This is a very brilliant work,” said Brian Kansler, a professor at the Dunlop Institute and author of the publication. When Jennifer first told me this, I thought it could not be a ‘possible explanation’. But she finally convinced me. Now, I’m glad to see how the other astronomical community reacts.

The West, a magnetic expert in galaxies and medieval media, expects potential findings related to this research.

“Magnetic fields are not isolated,” he says. “They all need to be connected to each other, so the next step is to better understand how this local magnetic field connects the magnetic field of the big galaxy and the small magnetic fields of our sun and the earth.

Meanwhile, the West acknowledges that the new “tunnel” model not only brings new insights to the scientific community, but also the concept of groundwater.

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“I think it’s good to imagine these structures whenever we see the night sky.”

Note: “Fan Area and Integrated Model of the Arctic: The Fibers Cluster in the Local Galaxy” by JL West, DL Landecker, BM Kensler, d. Jeff and AS Hill agreed, Astronomy Magazine.
arXiv: 2109.14720

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