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He killed his girlfriend in secret .. A famous businessman is accused of killing his ex-wife.


U.S.A. officials have accused Robert Durst, a well-known businessman and real estate tycoon, of killing his ex-wife, who went missing in 1982.

The BBC website officially announced the death of Durstin’s ex-wife Kathleen McCormack in 2017, as investigators found her body 4 decades ago.

British Network, Robert faces a new felony charge, a second murder charge in the case, and a week later he was sentenced to life in prison for killing his best friend. .

Police investigators have filed a new criminal complaint against Thurst, the story of which is based on the documentary series “Jinx”.

According to reports, the jury has begun hearing the statements of witnesses in the case.

The Westchester County Public Defender’s Office confirmed in a statement that the indictment had already been filed, and the British site did not provide further details.

Kathleen McCormack, 29, went missing after an argument with her husband Robert Durst in 1982, and her husband said she took him to the train station to return to her Manhattan apartment.

Although he had previously told investigators that he spoke to her on the phone after he arrived at the apartment, Durst admitted he had lied about the alleged call.

The new criminal complaint is based on “notes of multiple witnesses and defendants, taped interviews and taped interviews with Durst, and testimony in court during the trial.”

The New York Times quoted Robert Abrams, a spokeswoman for Kathleen McCormack’s family, as confirming that he “did not know” about the new criminal complaint to the family of his missing wife, but thanked the Public Defenders’ Office, “PB They” are very pleased with the progress. “

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Robert Thurst was sentenced to life in prison on October 14, 2021.

Authorities suggested she was killed to prevent Kathleen McCormack from talking to police about her disappearance, but Thurst denied the charge of killing his girlfriend, and his lawyer confirmed that he would appeal the prison sentence handed down against him.

Prosecutors believe Robert Thurst killed three people, Berman, McCormack and Morris Black, a neighbor of Durst’s, who identified him while hiding in Texas in 2001, but the court acquitted him of Black’s murder.


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