March 21, 2023

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A verdict in Dubai against Nissan for 1.2 billion dirhams in damages

A verdict in Dubai against Nissan for 1.2 billion dirhams in damages

Dubai: “Gulf”
Al Dahana (a free regional company) has won a lawsuit against Nissan Motor Company and its subsidiary in the Middle East for “illegal profiteering” and was awarded 1.2 billion dirhams in damages.
Nissan Motor Company has been ordered to pay about 1.2 billion dirhams to Nissan’s Middle East and ally “Al-Dahana” AlDahana FZCO after a Dubai court decided to sign it as a precaution, the company said in a statement. “Nissan Motor” and Nissan confiscate its bank accounts in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates.
Nissan Motor and its subsidiary Nissan filed a lawsuit with “Al Dahana” on July 4, 2019, seeking compensation for damages caused by violations by two designated executives of the Middle East Nissan.
On September 29, 2021, the Dubai High Court ordered Nissan and its subsidiary Nissan to pay the paint company about 1.2 billion dirhams in addition to Middle East interest.
After examining the evidence provided and the provisions of the Act, on October 4, 2021, the court issued an order signing the precautionary seizure of the financial, movable, bank accounts and balances of the two companies. In addition to the amount they have to pay in an amount, 5% of the annual legal interest until full payment.
Nasser Water, CEO of Al Dahana Group, said: “I am very pleased and grateful for the judgment of Al Dahana Court and would like to commend the fair and impartial and fair judgment of the Dubai Courts. Mr. Nasser Water added, “We feel that this call for justice has been heard, and we hope that this issue will pave the way for other regional organizations that have been denied the right to seek justice.”

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