January 30, 2023

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Al Ain Zoo integrates Rothschild giraffes with the African Al Ain Safari - Fujairah Ice Network

Al Ain Zoo integrates Rothschild giraffes with the African Al Ain Safari – Fujairah Ice Network

As part of its efforts to provide the highest standards of positive integration and behavioral rehabilitation for newborns, the Al Ain Zoo is hosting the Rothschilds Giraffe at the African Al Ain Safari with the largest group of 12 individuals present. Safari in the world.

Integrating giraffes with their Rothschilds is part of the park’s plans and strategies to meet the animal’s nutritional and behavioral requirements and requirements provided by qualified veterinarians and experts in the field of veterinary care from time to time, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List.

Newborns are taught how to communicate with their breeders from the first period after their birth by close contact with them and form strong bonds with them through so-called behavioral training and positive reinforcement. Fulfilling the daily needs of the animal care, and after a few months of training young giraffes are born, the young begin to feed their food with their mothers, and then the zoo trains them to direct feeding by providing them with certain types of food. This process is very important for the breeder, and preparing them to go to the safari area, where visitors experience the experience of feeding their beloved giraffes.

Babies born independently from the new giraffe group are also with the mothers, as well as the species of African animals that are on safari, and the park process has begun as mild weather has begun. Integrating them with other giraffe group members in preparation for a gradual release with other animals on safari.

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Al Ain Zoo plays an important role in the conservation of a wide variety of animals, including giraffes, and is committed to protecting them by raising awareness of the importance of protecting their natural environment through the many programs and strategies it employs. In collaboration with many concerned, they are conducting research on the conservation, reproduction and spread of wildlife, as well as the re-release of endangered species back to their original habitats, in collaboration with many of the world’s species.