June 6, 2023

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A Vietnamese player is injured and left on a stretcher following Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration (VIDEO)

The young player’s enthusiasm led him to the evil of injury


A funny situation happened to a young player at a match in Vietnam when he tried to imitate the Saudi star’s famous celebration of Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo’s victory, but he was injured and left the field on a stretcher.

National Under-17 Championships – Tae Son Nam Cup 2023 final between Vettel and Ha Dinh on Tuesday evening, which ended with a resounding victory (4-2) in favor of Vettel.

In the 61st minute, Tran Hong Kien added the fourth goal for his team Viettel U-17, making his shirt no. The young star, who turned 20, celebrated Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo’s familiar celebration. The crowd, jumping high, shouted his famous “SUIIII”, but the young Vietnamese player fell, his leg wrong due to the injury, despite which he insisted on ending his celebration in a different way. But the player couldn’t finish the match and fell to the ground and ambulances rushed in to take him off the field on a stretcher.

This is the second time Vettel has won the Under-17 National Championship after 2018.

Cristiano Ronaldo performed his famous celebration by jumping a certain way in the air and then uttering the word “si” as he landed on the ground, which is the Spanish word for “yes” in Arabic, and thus the celebration became a way. Rivals also have Ronaldo to answer to.

Ronaldo previously talked about the secret of this celebration in a TV interview: “The players know that I cry after I score a goal or after we win. This is our cry at Real Madrid.”

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He added, “I started celebrating this way, I mean yes, at Real Madrid, it happened only once naturally. Once I scored a goal and I did this celebration, if someone asks me, I tell him that it came. Opportunity and better things come naturally.” which may come.”

The moment the player gets injured and comes out on a stretcher

Al-Nasr has made 10 appearances for Saudi Arabia since Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al-Alami and has contributed to 11 goals so far.

All of Ronaldo’s contributions in Saudi league competition saw him score nine goals and assist two.

Ronaldo joined the Saudi’s win last winter at the Mercado with a contract extension of two-and-a-half seasons that ends in the summer of 2025, and press reports revealed that the “Don” will earn 200 million euros per season.