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Dear fasting people, don’t make this mistake.. to get rid of headache in Ramadan


Many fasting people who experience headaches during Ramadan rush to take pain relievers after breaking the fast, especially when the feeling increases during the first days of the holy month.

Chief of the Headache and Facial Pain Department at Cleveland Clinic’s Neurological Institute, Dr. Imad Estimalik warns that there is nothing wrong with taking pain relievers when a fasting person has a headache. According to the German news agency, the cause of stimulation and headaches.

He explained, “If people take painkillers more than two to three times a week, they run the risk of developing medication-overdose headaches, also known as rebound headaches. Therefore, if a person suffers from frequent headaches or migraines, it is best to consult a specialist to get the most suitable prevention strategies for his condition.

Dr. Emmett suggested simple solutions to help treat the problem: “People who get frequent headaches during Ramadan should adopt positive habits such as exercising and improving sleep quality, as well as taking steps to avoid known triggers. Help prevent headaches.” And follow their fasting in a healthy manner.

He points out that positive steps that can be taken to prevent headaches during fasting include regular exercise to activate the metabolism. Two hours after breaking the fast, individuals are advised to walk, do aerobic exercise or any other form of exercise.

Additionally, it is recommended to break the fast gradually instead of eating heavy meals immediately, as well as getting enough sleep during Ramadan.

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