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A young man with special needs participates in a dance session with artist Hoda Hussain on stage in Riyadh


Riyadh witnessed a special artistic event that touched the hearts of many when Hoda Hussain, a famous Iraqi artist currently living in Kuwait, danced on stage with a young man with special needs. He received widespread acclaim. The young man at the beginning… came down on the stage and danced, interacting with the situation with enthusiasm and joy, which then prompted him to take the stage. The most important moment here was when the artists on stage interacted with the young man in a positive spirit and joined him in a dance full of joy and unity.

The show was more than just an entertainment act; He was a living embodiment of the values ​​of compassion and unity. Hoda Hussain, with her loving initiative, was not satisfied with spontaneous interactions, but instead encouraged the young man to dance with her and other artists, enriching the experience with deeply human dimensions. Adding to the magnificence of the moment was the audience’s complete involvement in this atmosphere of connection, love and acceptance.

The impact of such events is not limited to the participants but also spreads to a wider audience through social media platforms. The video clip created a wide buzz on these platforms as comments poured in praising artiste Hoda Hussain and her morals. Many asserted that this act reflects the meaning of “fixing thoughts,” which they consider one of the greatest things in life.

This event reminds us of the importance of small actions with big meanings. A simple initiative by Hoda Hussain transformed the stage into a place of affection and appreciation for diversity and difference. It is a living metaphor of how art strengthens human relationships and promotes social cohesion. Such moments can be a beacon that illuminates the paths of understanding and unity in our societies. It is an invitation to all who reflect on the power of the arts and humanities and how individual endeavors can create deep and lasting impact on people.

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