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A rare once-in-a-lifetime astronomical phenomenon appears in the sky tonight.. details


The disappearance of the star Betelgeuse is considered one of the most important once-in-a-lifetime events in the sky, as it is a rare event with meteor showers and many other spectacular sightings.

Occurrence of the star Betelgeuse

After confirmation by sky observers located in the Bahamas, southern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean and southern Florida, today’s sky is witnessing a rare astronomical event in which a star disappears for a short period of time.

These observers confirmed that the star Betelgeuse would dim and dim, or disappear completely for 7 seconds, as the asteroid passed in front of it one day.

Betelgeuse, the tenth star, is considered one of the brightest stars in the sky and has always attracted the attention of sky watchers in recent times due to its fluctuating brightness, raising their fears that it is about to explode.

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Today the new moon appears in the sky

Occurrence of the star Gemini

Tonight, Wednesday night, December 13, 2023, is one of the best nights of the month, as astronomers will be able to observe celestial bodies such as constellations and distant asteroids.

Astronomers announced that the moon would not be visible in the night sky on this night to prepare for the birth of the new moon, when the bright side of the moon faces the sun and the dark side of the moon. Earth, and the Moon rise and set together with the Sun.

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Presence of meteor showers

Today and tomorrow the sky will witness the Geminid meteor shower or known as the queen of meteor showers, the number of meteors reaching 120 per hour. These meteors are distinguished by their many colors. And they result from dusty debris left behind by the planet Patheon 3200.

The Geminid meteors descend every year from December 7th to December 17th, peaking on the night of the 13th of the same month when the moon sets, making many meteors clearly visible.

Showers can be seen in the sky with the naked eye, they do not require telescopes, and they pose no danger to humans as they burn in the atmosphere at a height of 70 km above sea level.

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When will betel star explode?

Many scientists believe that the star Betelgeuse will end its explosion in the form of a supernova, but opinions on the time frame for this great event differ.

Why did Gemini get this name?

Gemini means twins in Latin, and the constellation Gemini is considered one of the planets named after it, and is part of the zodiac, and is considered one of the 48 star constellations described by the great scientist Ptolemy. Second century AD

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When does Gemini appear?

Gemini is a winter star, meaning from early November, it is considered the tenth brightest star since astronomy began. For astronomers, it’s a variable star with two cycles, each age every 420 days.Years, it lives out the last moments of its life as a red giant star and is expected to die at any moment.

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