June 5, 2023

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About the star, they asked me?

About the star, they asked me?

I received several calls, continuations of the previous column, about many talents failing to reach the number at the box office?

Stardom is a mysterious secret from which very little emerges, and it is not limited to acting and singing stars, star journalist Mohammad Hassanein Heigal, star novelist Yusuf Idris, star director Yusuf Sahine, star. You can also find the poet Abdel Rahman Al-Abnoudi, the star minister Amr Moussa, and a player The Star Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the star writer Osama Anwar Okasha, the star doctor Ahmed Okasha, the star scientist Ahmed Sewail and the star butcher. , Star Bean Seller, Nakshatra Fakhani and others, each achieve a level of brilliance in their field.

It is possible to mention dozens of names that are no less important to give, but people usually choose a star.

Director Atef Salem told me that in the mid-1980s, he was with Mahmoud Morsi, Yunus Shalabi, Atef in a (commercial) cafe on Mohamed Ali Street while filming one of the scenes in the film (Hate Al Wal). Thousands of fans besieged the hotel to express their maniacal love for Younes Shalabi, and it took around five hours before police services could be restored and connected, on the second day of Mahmoud Morsi’s supposed shot. He wanted to reassure Morsi and promised to contact one of his friends in the interior to ensure that what happened yesterday does not happen again. Morsi told him: The story is not worth it, yesterday the audience Younes Shalaby, and today the shot will pass quietly, this is what happened. Mahmoud when expressing their love for Morsi. Fans coped quietly.

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Professor Mahmoud Morsi is one of the most important masters of acting in the Arab world, but in cinema he did not achieve as a window star, he was the first television star. Movie (The Vaal Vaal), don’t use him as a hero and you will regret it, someone told her that you won’t cut the ticket.

Of course, there are very few who combined the star of all artistic media like Adel Imam (cinema, theater, television, radio), but the rule, the star of tyranny, is often achieved in one field, compare, for example, the name Sophie in the theater, the name Sophie in the cinema, or Al- Al-Fakhrani in Fakhrani and Cinema.

The ability to attract is a divine gift, we cannot control all its causes, it is born with some, it varies in degree, it is not absolute, and it may diminish with time. Yes, the preferences of the artist, his personal behavior and the mental image he projects to the public play a role, but in an instant the star can die for no direct reason, and those people were looking for yesterday, today they are running away from it.

Talent certainly plays a role, but it is not a major role, and stardom does not necessarily equate to talent, for example, Adel Imam’s stardom made him a star of the first window, while Ahmad Zaki’s talent got him. A level of intimacy between creators.

Voices like Mohamed Kandil, Souad Mohamed or Khaled Agag have more energy and talent than the star, so Kandil has not achieved a fraction of Abdel Halim’s light, Saud Mohamed has achieved nothing of Shadia’s success or Agag has seen Tamer Hosni’s charisma!

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