March 29, 2023

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How did 11 stars from 5 Arab countries meet in “It’s About You”?

At the end of the fifth edition of the El Gauna Film Festival, the festival released a video of the song “Relating to Becky” by singer Ahmed El Rabi, the official song for the closing ceremony, and 11 stars from 5 Arab countries. Appeared, they (in order of appearance): Yusra, Hota Al-Mufti, Fatima Al-Banavi, Mayan El-Sayyid, Sarah Abdel-Rahman, Sherin Reda, Sabah Mubarak, Tara Emad, Lebanon Noor, and Raya Abi Rashid, with Hend Sabri In addition.

This video has been created in collaboration with Tayara, a company that specializes in producing digital video content, and MAD Solutions, which integrates the look of its 10 stars. The two companies previously worked together on the video for the third song “Saqfa”. Version of the festival by singer Ahmed El Rabi, in which several MAD stars took part in the video.

Hend Sabri, co-founder of Thayra and chairman of the board of directors, spoke about the depth of his company’s relationship with the festival, saying, “This is our second production of the official closing song at the El Gauna Festival. The number of other productions we presented during the festival sessions reflected our interest and appreciation for the value and character of the festival, not only at the Egyptian cinema level, but for all Arab cinema, which is why we were keen to diversify national races. We look forward to further collaborations with participating stars, as well as the El Gauna Festival and MAD Solutions.

Alaa Karkouti, Co-Founder and President of MAD Solutions, added: “As the El Gauna Festival concludes its fifth edition with success and brilliance, MAD Solutions celebrates a fruitful and enthusiastic collaboration at all festival sessions, which has become a focal point for film distribution and marketing or star participation. Our activities such as managing ended with MAD Celebrity co-producing the song “Related to Peggy”, which was a precursor to collaborating on other upcoming projects.

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The stars of MAD Celebrity appeared on the video of singer Abu’s 3 Beats song during the first session of the El Gauna Festival and recorded more than 700 million views on YouTube.