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“Abu Ali” is an old man who needs medicines worth 44 thousand dirhams.


The patient (Abu Ali – 85 years old) suffers from chronic diseases including chronic kidney failure, diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol. His monthly treatment costs 3,657 dirhams or 43,884 dirhams per year, according to Sheikh Shakbout. Medical City in Abu Dhabi.

The patient told his story to Emirates Al-Youm: “I have been suffering from chronic diseases for many years, especially kidney failure, diabetes, heart and cholesterol, and these diseases have been accumulating in the past years. I entered before. Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City and after medical tests and analyzes I got ” It became clear that lifelong medication is needed.

He added: “Medications are very expensive considering my limited financial capabilities as they are 3,657 dirhams per month, which is equivalent to 43,884 dirhams per year. Even the health insurance card will not cover the cost of my treatment and I am doing it. A difficult financial situation and couldn’t afford them.” He continued: “I couldn’t work because of my advanced age. I have a son who works in a private agency with a salary of 2,500 dirhams per month. He pays house rent and the remaining income is not enough for his family’s living needs, we get help from a charity which is some “living expenses we need but they are limited help”

He continued: “I have to take my medication for the rest of my life, and in light of the difficult situations I am going through with my family members, our financial capabilities do not allow us to afford the cost of medication from time to time. High cost of living.” A medical report published by Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City – and “Emirates Today”, obtained a copy of it – said “the patient is 85 years old and suffers from chronic diseases including chronic kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol, and requires life-long medication.” The patient (Abu Ali) appeals to generous people to lend him a helping hand and help him manage the cost of treatment to prevent his condition from deteriorating.

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• The patient is the sole breadwinner of the son and his income is not sufficient for living needs.

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