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Expectations of corporate managers and executives to 2024: Technology, healthcare, finance and engineering are employment priorities


Managers and officials in the employment sector in the Emirates expect technology, healthcare, financial services and engineering sectors to top employment priorities by 2024. They confirmed to Al benefit that the scale of digital transformation at Emirates is growing. Artificial intelligence, and the continuation of digitization will make the technology sector the top job spot in 2024. , in addition to the substantial growth expected in the healthcare sector, will be the most growing and in-demand sector of all companies in the country. , with a continued focus on health and wellness.

Company managers and officials said that the focus and commitment to the UAE’s sustainability sector and the boom in infrastructure and real estate projects will increase demand for the engineering and construction industry, and that demand will continue as the UAE is a global financial hub. Also grow into job roles in fields such as finance, financial technology, banking and accounting services.

Digital transformation

In detail, Ali Mather, LinkedIn’s head of Middle East, North Africa and European emerging markets, said: “Technology and digital jobs will be the top employment trends in the next 12 months, as the technology sector reflects an increase in jobs.” In addition to growing interest, the region is witnessing digital transformation in the Emirates, with data and automation.

Matter said: One of the best indicators of the huge demand for tech and digital jobs is that three of the 10 fastest-growing jobs were in software development.

Health and well-being

For his part,’s Head of Employer Solutions Ahmad Al-Adwan said: “The company is closely monitoring emerging labor market trends in the UAE as we expect many job sectors to see significant growth over the next 12 months.” According to a study conducted by the site on the Middle East Job Index, the healthcare sector is expected to witness significant growth due to the high demand for physician job roles and the continued focus on health and wellness. /Physiotherapist (71%) and Nurse (70%). ), and biomedical engineer (68%).

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Adwan added: “The UAE’s commitment to sustainability and growth indicates an increase in demand for engineering-related jobs such as electrical engineer (68%) and chemical engineer (67%). Finally, we expect an increase in demand for manager/department (marketing, design, customer Leadership roles in multiple departments (such as service, IT, sales, finance, human resources, operations, etc.).

Artificial intelligence

In addition, Jeroen van den Schout, Business Director, Hayes Middle East, said: “The development of artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the technology landscape, and as digitalization transforms our world, the demand for technical jobs continues to increase.”

Al-Saud continued: “Companies in the UAE are focused on digitization, automation and optimization, which require specialized technical skills. Also, turning advancement and digitization investments into real growth opportunities means making technology an essential element in all strategic decision-making processes.”

Technology and Financial Services

Tarek Salam, Managing Director of Deal Middle East and North Africa, said: “According to the data we have at Deal, the following sectors are expected to record the fastest growth rates over the next 12 months, namely: Information Technology and Services, Financial Services, Tourism and Travel, and Real Estate. , healthcare sectors, hospitality sector, apparel and fashion, consulting services, computer projects, in addition to construction sector.

Supply chain

Richard Jackson, Chief Operating Officer of TASC Outsourcing, said: “Based on our years of experience and understanding of the market, we expect the following list of jobs to be at the forefront of the Emirates in the coming years. IT professionals are on board as Emirates continues to develop its technology sector steadily. “This has led to an increase in demand for IT professionals, and according to experts at AIQU, our technology recruitment brand, software developers, cyber security experts, data analysts and IT managers are in high demand.

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Jackson added: “As infrastructure development and construction projects continue in the Emirates, creating demand for engineers and construction workers, the engineering and construction industry is a sector that will see growth in construction managers.”

As the UAE is a financial hub, Jackson emphasized that the finance and banking sector is in third place, and there is still demand for stocks in finance, financial technology, banking and accounting services. According to reports, financial analysts, quantitative analysts, auditors and banking experts are sought in the UAE. Jackson continued: With the evolving business landscape, companies are looking for professionals who can lead sales and marketing efforts. According to recent reports, sales managers, digital marketing specialists and business development executives are in high demand.

Jackson said that the hospitality and tourism sector will be important in the coming years as the UAE’s plans to promote tourism have created opportunities in the hospitality sector. According to Hotelier Middle East, demand for hotel and restaurant staff, as well as travel agents, has increased manifold since the pandemic.

Jackson noted that the UAE’s investment in the education sector has increased demand for teachers and education managers, with the region seeing continued demand for teachers, particularly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects.

Jackson pointed out that the UAE’s strategic location as a global logistics hub creates a huge demand for experts in supply chain and logistics services, pointing out that the labor market is very flexible and can change quickly. As employers, our consultants help job seekers stay abreast of current job listings and industry news to identify high-demand jobs and upgrade skills.

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