March 24, 2023

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Abu Dhabi Commercial was the first bank in Egypt to launch an artificial intelligence enhanced system to combat fraud.

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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, SAS, one of the leading data analytics companies in Egypt and the Middle East, has introduced the first real-time system enhanced by artificial intelligence to combat fraud and enhance the bank’s capabilities in the immediate field. Controlling and combating fraudulent activities in various banking services.

The celebration was attended by Managing Director and CEO Ihab El-Swerky and SAS Director Samer Naguib in Egypt and several senior executives from both sides. The celebration honored the work team of both parties who contributed to the successful launch of the organization in record time.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Egypt is the first bank in Egypt to adopt innovative capabilities based on artificial intelligence in the field of fraud detection, backed by anti-fraud mechanisms, which is at the forefront of digital transformation efforts in the banking sector. Smooth and secure financial system while constantly expanding and advancing. Under this system, the Bank enhances its capabilities in the field of security and security in all ways of dealing with the public.

Internet banking, mobile banking, interactive voice response, card transactions and real-time tracking, auditing and handling suspicious activities according to their nature. In addition, the bank will enjoy self-service in building security rules and new simulation methods. , Which makes the terms issued by the Central Bank of Egypt and the pace of changing market conditions more flexible.