April 1, 2023

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We have been profitable again since last October

We have been profitable again since last October

In an interview with Al Arabia, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the top president and CEO of Emirates Airlines, revealed that the company has returned to profitability in the last four weeks, i.e. since last October.

When asked about the expectations, the CEO of Emirates Airlines said: Introducing the company to the Dubai Financial MarketWe are still awaiting, “We are awaiting the official announcement of the third company to be offered for subscription in Dubai, after Dubai Electricity and Water (DEWA) and Transport Tariff System (SALIC) have been issued,” he explains. Qualified officials will be responsible for announcing who will be the third company to offer in the Dubai market after these two companies.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed confirmed the recovery of the aviation market, especially in the transport and continuous shipping sectors, and explained that some countries in East Asia, Australia and China are considered to be semi-closed as its work is doing well in the aftermath of the epidemic. Markets in some areas, so companies are working with the permission of those countries to return to the previous level.

He explained that Emirates Airlines had managed to reduce losses significantly and significantly this year, then began to turn a profit, and that this was a good indicator to end the year at the same pace.

He stressed that Emirates will continue to focus on increasing passenger traffic through Dubai airports.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed denied that he currently needs any other financial assistance from the Dubai government, explaining that the company has achieved profitable years in the last 35 years, but the epidemic was the reason for its need for support in 2020.

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He also revealed that “Emirates Airlines” will return to Suu Kyi markets if needed as per our plan, stressing that profits continue and the company’s financial solution is better.