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Abu Dhabi Police Workshop “Safe Driving in Weather Conditions”


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

The Al Ain Traffic Department of the Traffic and Patrol Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police organized a workshop on “Safe Driving During Turbulent Weather Conditions” at the Police Officers Club in Al Ain. Regulations during rain, fog, dirt and dust and traffic jams.
“We are all police” members of Police Follow-up and Aftercare Department – Al Ain Region, Integrated Transport Center, Saed Traffic Systems Company, Public Relations Department of Al Ain Police Directorate and Community Policing Department participated. At the workshop, in the presence of numerous Arab and Asian communities, students and various sections, from the community.
Colonel Saif Mohammed Naeeb Al Ameri, Deputy Director of Al Ain Department of Transport, emphasized the need to adhere to the variable speed indicated on signs and electronic road signs to improve preventive measures and avoid accidents in turbulent weather to protect everyone’s safety. .
He warned of the danger of the driver taking photographs or being busy off the road and asked drivers to automatically reduce their speed to 80 kilometers per hour in inclement weather, especially during fog, for their safety and the safety of road users. The workshop covered several topics including: safe driving during rain and fog, urging road users to monitor weather conditions before moving, reducing speed on roads and leaving adequate safety distance between vehicles.
The workshop stressed the need to observe speed limits, avoid entering canyons and reefs, exercise caution, slow down on internal and external roads, especially at night and early morning. Avoiding traffic accidents by leaving adequate safety distance, not overtaking other vehicles, not using four warning lights, using low beams when driving in fog, ensuring vehicle windshield wipers work in rain.
The Al Ain Transport Department set up field awareness points at commercial centres, bus stations and corporate campuses to sensitize the general public, especially workers, on the importance of following traffic rules during inclement weather. , participants were given mementos and incentives.

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