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Fantastic Comoros national team … unforgettable match


There are many things that everyone still remembers about the Comoros team that participated in the African Nations Championship Series hosted by Cameron for the first time in history and qualified for the 16th round.

  • Comoros player Shaker El Hadur played in goalkeeping

The presence of the Comoros national football team in the African Cup of Nations hosted by Cameron was exceptional by all accounts and will not be forgotten. Everyone who watched the match will remember many things about the Comoros national team.

For the first time in its history, the team participated in the African Nations Championship on the African continent.

The Comoros national team cannot be forgotten Qualified for the 16th round for the first time in history In his first championship and by no means Instead, he defeated 4-time African champion GhanaKnock him out of the tournament in the third match of the group stage and qualify for third place in the top 4 teams.

The Comoros national team played yesterday was unforgettable Round of 16 match against Cameroon Host and strong.

It can not be forgotten that the Comoros national team started the match without a goalkeeper, in the absence of his three guards, amid a corona virus infection and bodily injuries that forced his player to use Shaker al-Hadur. The goal.

What will not be forgotten is that the Comoros national team is forced to finish the match against its opponent with ten players, from the first minutes of a player receiving a red card in its order.

That player – the goalkeeper, Shaker al-Hadur, with amazing saves, can not be forgotten, as he is the talk of the world today, revealed the best game.

  • Saved Aldehour in the match
    Saved Aldehour in the match

Forcing a player to use goalkeeping for a few minutes in a team or team game happens in football, but it’s the beginning of a tournament and a big match and the 16th round and so on. The strongest team and the team playing in the tournament for the first time, this is what the Rare and Islands team did Moon, however, who does not have the same qualities as the goalkeeper in body, astonished the world.

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What will not be forgotten is that Comoros player Youssef Machangama scored with a powerful shot from more than 30 meters against Cameroon, and even the African Football Confederation went further and described the goal. “One of the most amazing in the history of African countries”.

It should not be forgotten that the Comoros national team was as brave in this match as the courage of its player Al-Hadur, who excelled in scoring two goals as a goalkeeper in one big and big match. But he saved several goals.

The African Football Confederation (AFC) also praised El Hother’s performance, saying, “We salute you.” It was a tribute to the All Comoros team that was knocked out of the African Nations Championship, but was among its masterpieces with unforgettable memories.

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